May 27, 2009

I Win, I Win, I Win ..... ;)

I had posted twice about BlogUpp!'s cool ways of free & no-hassle blog promotions. BlogUpp! had started a competition a month ago where readers were invited to suggest new features that might make the widget more useful. Today BlogUpp! declared three winners and YES, sure enough, I was among the three lucky ones :)

Now that I have been declared among the few victors, let me also briefly mention the prize-winning suggestion. "BlogUpp! currently displays number of impressions a participating blog received and hosted in its stats section. My suggestion was to somehow also include the information about which of the posts attracted most impressions so far." In addition to it I suggested five other idea too but those were, correctly, deemed either redundant, unfair or trivial.

I spent this past long Memorial-Day weekend with my close friends on our trip to Albany NY and Boston MA, and as auspicious it could be, I bagged this BlogUpp! contest win and a logo for Let's Be Curious plus some of my articles also appeared in blog carnivals
. I have started to realize lately that this is one thing I enjoy most and feel inspired to do about when I am not at my work. Thanks for stopping by and it will definitely be a pleasure knowing from you about any smallest advise you might have about my blog. Hope to see you around ;)

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