Jul 8, 2009

Facebook + Starbucks + Friend => A Free Icecream Pint

Free stuff never ceases to pop :)

Here's another people! If you are on Facebook and love ice cream then this deal is for you. Visit Starbuck Icecream's Share app page on Facebook and share coupon for a free ice cream pint with one of your friends. Remember you can share just one coupon so decide it before hand.

This is how it works:
  • Starbucks is giving away 20,000 free icecream pint coupons everyday
  • you share this with your friend and your friend gets the coupon
  • you get $1 rebate coupon for sharing
  • ask (bug :P) your friend to return the favor
  • scheme to run through July 19th
  • coupons are given starting every hour
  • that means over 800 coupons every hour
  • they go really fast so act fast at the strike of next hour
  • recipients may not reside in CO, LA & TN :(
So act fast at the next hour and bag your free icecream .... I just got my friend get me my free icecream coupon. Thanks for the deal @acheapchick

Let me know when you get your coupon and share if you know of any other cool scheme.

... And So Copying Isn't Worth It!

Well I don't usually post funny/non-PF stuff but it's second today itself .... and actually I don't need to write a word, just to let you know that I'm a big Alizee fan and Tabata Jalil is considered Mexican Alizee ;)

Alizee's Performance

Tabata's Performance, same song

(Tabata Jalil is a known name in South America and has a good earned position in media through various TV shows)

I'm Sorry Blogger - But What To Do

I have been dealing with Blogger's painful editing and formatting support for more than three months now, it's only my love for my existing 40+ posts at blogger keeps me from migrating to Wordpress :(

While Google remains in the front row for developing cool and innovative products all the time ... we all are error prone ... aren't we?

I included a video for the first time in my post on Independence Day. While I needed to accept the terms and conditions for uploading a video, Blogger wouldn't show me the conditions :) See the screenshots below:

Jul 6, 2009

How Banks Calculate Average Daily Available Balance

With interest rates going a sharp downward path, High Yielding Online Savings Accounts and Rewards Checking Accounts are getting very much attention these days. Both these accounts (and several other bank products) pay us interest based on the Average Daily Available Balance (ADAB) on our accounts.

I had been playing with my online savings statements to find out how financial institutions calculate this number and finally I could figure it out yesterday.

Every bank pays you interest at the end of a term. For normal savings accounts this term is typically 1 month, making them to pay interest at the end of every 30 or 31 days period. It is common sense that the more money we have in our accounts the more interest we will get but this is not it.

Banks don't consider our account balance on the last working day of a month for calculating interest, rather what matters to them is
how much money was available to them throughout a month. Banks use the term Average Daily Available Balance (ADAB) to mean this, as is clear from the term itself, this number reflects how much money we made available to the bank to be used for their business purposes.
  • Formula To Calculate Interest
Amount = Principal (1+r)n

where, Amount is the sum (with interest) you get after n years at r% per year. For eg. if you had $100 in your account for 1 year at 3% per year then

P = $100, r = 3/100 = 0.03, n = 1

This formula will give you Amount you will have after completion of 1 year. When banks calculate interest they replace Principal (P) with the Average Daily Available Balance (ADAB) so the formula becomes:

Amount = ADAB (1+r)n
  • Calculating Average Daily Available Balance
I will work with a simple example here. Consider a bank statement below:







Assuming there was no transaction after 29th, it would be unfair to the bank if they had to consider $300 as the Principal for calculating interest. And that is true as $300 were not always present in the account. Let's now calculate Average Daily Available Balance for the above account.

The technique is to calculate contribution of an individual account balance towards the months average balance, sum all such contributed balances and divide the sum by number of days in that month. To do so create a table as below:

Account Balance
Days before next transaction
Contributed Balance
(07/01 to 07/07 =) 7
(07/08 to 07/14 = ) 7
(07/15 to 07/21 = ) 7$700
(07/22 to 07/28 = ) 7$1400
(07/29 to 07/31 = ) 3$900


July '09, the month under consideration has 31 days. This gives the Average Daily Available Balance (ADAB) equal to:

Average Daily Available Balance = $4050/31 = $130.65

You might be wondering whether this is correct given the account balance at the end was $300. Well it turns out that owing to the transactions made as shown above, the account balance never exceeded $100 for 21 days (07/01/09 through 07/21/09) resulting in a lower average balance.
  • Factors Affecting Your Interest
As we saw above there are three main factors affecting the interest we may get on our account balances:
  1. Average Daily Available Balance
  2. Rate of interest per year (out of our control)
  3. Time in years
Factor #2 and #3 are usually out of our control as we can't actually decide the rate and considering per month calculations the time is going to be 1/12 ~ 0.08 years.

Average balance, however, can be controlled and the only way to do that is to leave maximum you can in your account and leave it there for the longest possible.
  • Some Ways To Maximize Your Average Daily Balance
  1. Get your paycheck direct-deposited into your savings account, why carry check when it gains you nothing
  2. Don't withdraw money until it is really needed
  3. Use automatic money transfers between accounts. My car loan's monthly due date is 2nd of every month. The amount is automatically transferred on the 1st and till then it keeps gaining interest for me.
  4. Set aside some extra money if you think you are a addict of intermittent withdrawls.
What ways you implement to maximize your interest earnings? Leave a comment and share your views with other readers.
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