May 18, 2009

BlogUpp-ed yet? Hurry UP! - Free Blog Promotion

I posted about BlogUpp! 2 weeks ago. They are smart people with cool ideas to promote your blogs for free. Click here to enter your blog's address and be a part of this free promotion.

"BlogUpp is based on three core principles of: automated blog
promotions, non-obtrusive displays and no-hassle sign-ups. For every 10 blogs shared on your BlogUpp! widget, your blog will be shared on 9 other blogs. Read more about
cool features."
Follow the link below, suggest some new features you would like to see and enter the chance to win even more publicity:


  1. I blogupped my way here, have visited and read ideas, and hope most of them aren't emplimented. If they follow ideas, they'll end up too much like other services. The beauty of this one is it's ease and you don't have to spend hours doing something.

    I do enjoy seeing other blogs, I visit and I leave comments, the hope of course if that people will do the same. Seems really good to me the way it is.


  2. Hey Sandy,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving ur thoughtful words.

    BlogUpp boasts of their three principles and they have made setting-up the ads really easy. They are about to declare the results shortly so let's keep our fingers crossed :)