May 30, 2009

Got My Free Money ;)

About approximately a month ago I posted about keeping an eye around for the free money you can hoard. My credit union offered a scheme to its customers last month in which customers would get $50 Gift Card if they have a checking account with the credit union and part of their paycheck direct-deposited into it. I wasted no time, did what they required and called up few days back asking for my Gift Card (yeah you need to bug them sometimes, I don't care, it's $50 eventually ;) ). And today, sure enough, I got my beautiful $50 Gift Card :) bingooooooooooooo ...

What Am I Gonna Do With It?

I haven't thought about it yet, but for the most part Groceries! My Online Survey money and Online Savings Accounts interests already take-off some of my bills, if I keep getting such gifts a little more frequently, I 'd love it more! ;)

Have you recently got any such gift cards? If so, where did you participate or what did you have to do? Leave a comment here, sharing your story may get an opportunity for someone else.

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