Jul 31, 2009

My Monetary Snapshot - July '09

Here's what it looks like at the end of this month:

Emergency Funds (High Interest Savings): $7663
Checking Accounts (Non-Interest Earning): $254
401K: $707.72
CD: $2000
Interest + Other Earnings: $73.59
(amazed how come it's $73.59 ;) all added up by paid surveys and free money)

Car Loan Balance: $11,838
Credit Card Balance: $206

July 2009: Total Assets: $10,624 Total Debt: $12,044


  1. Why wouldn't you add your current car value to the assets?

  2. Hey Jay, Thanks for stopping by! Well accounting assets might be a good idea but I tend to be more interested in liquid funds I have at hand at any time ... and thus the 'Total Assets' term means only hard core cash for me ;)