Jun 16, 2009

Update: "No Eat-Out Month" Experiment

So how am I doing? Almost half of June has gone since I started my No Eat-Out Month Experiment, I thought why not share my eat-out details with you.

When it comes to food I can't be as honest as otherwise, I know but that's .... my weakness! So let's see where have I spent in the last 15 days:

* Coffee: $17.79
* Panera Bread: $7.89

Total: $25.68

I anticipated on the very on-set of this seemingly experimental activity of mine, that it is impossible for me to spend nothing on eating out but yeah the above figures, kind of, look like going in the direction of success ;) I spent $124 on food in May '09 which prompted me to sort to this activity and now the total is way too low, yup it is working fellas ....

However, $17.79 for only coffee is bad enough, I agree, but this time it wasn't me alone. I got pleasant company of my brother-in-law who is visiting the US on his business trip of a month or so. We spent this past weekend together roaming around in the suburbs of Wilmington, DE. Fortunately and unfortunately, I could only spend on coffee. Well in the end we had wonderful and eventful time!

I will post again when this experiment concludes on July 1, 2009 with actual figures of my eat-out spendings and how was this experience for me to go through. Till then, let's hope I don't spend a big chunk there ;)

How practical do you think these experiments are? Have you undergone any such by yourself? If so, how was it? Did you achieve what you aimed for? Leave a comment!


  1. Did you only spend $124 for groceries and eating out during May? Or does the $124 include meals from restaurants only? If you're only spending $124 a month on food in total, I'm impressed.

    So far this month, I've spent $110 on groceries and $150 on eating out. This isn't out of line. After rent, food is where I spend the most. I don't feel bad about it because I'm really frugal in other areas.

    However, when I was trying to get out of debt, I really had to cut back in this category. If you really enjoy eating out, like me, then you should be able to undergo the discomfort temporarily. After I got out of debt, I started spending heavily in the food category again. I could afford to, plus I maintained the habit of not spending my money on things that weren't important to me.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your comment Shawanda!

    Yes I spent $124 only on food in May. Well as of today I am able to pay my installments towards the loan and live comfortably, only thing bothering me is $124 is too much just for one person, isn't it? Well so this is why this experiment.

    If you like food too then we are on a same boat, I would be difficult for me to say NO to eating-out through-out the month but I wanted to see how much less I may spend by just thinking of cutting on eating-out.

    Congratulations of getting out of debt, enjoy food ;) Hope I will soon join your club too :)