Jun 30, 2009

Extra Paycheck Month - July '09

There are 52 weeks in a regular year and 4 weeks in a month. Ohhhh did I miss something, because 4 weeks a month makes it 48 weeks a year? No people, I am correct here! So where are the (52-48=) 4 weeks?

When we talk of "4 weeks a month", we are actually talking about the "complete weeks". In the months having 30 or 31 days, the number of weeks are a little more above 4. The extra days constituting these extra little weeks make up the 4 missing weeks through an year I mentioned above.

If you are lucky enough and are paid weekly, one of the extra day in the month may be your paycheck day. For me it's Wednesday and thus July '09 brings in 5 paychecks for me instead of 4 :)

Whether you budget or not, almost all of us are used to manage our monthly expenses with 4 paychecks a month and thus this extra paycheck you get in July '09 can be used to fulfill one of your long awaited goals.

What can you do with your extra paycheck:
  • deposit it towards your loan or mortgage
  • start/strengthen your emergency funds
  • stash your high yielding savings or checking account
  • create a CD account
  • invest it in
  • go for your favorite authentic cuisine restaurant
  • plan a short weekend outing
  • get yourself something that you were long waiting to buy
  • secure your annual subscriptions (my annual Netflix subscription is $120, my annual HSBC CreditKeeper bill is $84)
I am planning to put my one whole paycheck towards my car loan this month.

What are your plans?
Where else do you think can one spend an extra paycheck wisely? Please leave comment.

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