May 4, 2009

Deals - Chase rewarding $20 for paying 3 utility bills with Chase Debit Card

Yes if you are an existing Chase customer and have a checking account with them you might want to pay any three utility bills with the Chase Debit Card by July 31. Contact Chase's customer care center for more details. Also keep watching the free-money around you!

Here's Chase's original promotion message:
"You're already paying bills, so why not get cash for it?

Just use your Chase Debit Card to pay any 3 Phone, Cable/Satellite TV,
Insurance and Utility bills. You couldhelp avoid late fees, save hassles - and
receive $20.It's that easy.Here's all you need to do:

ENROLL your Chase Debit Card, withyour personalized 16-digit
Coupon Code
2. PAY 3 or more bills using your Chase Debit Card by contacting your
service providers in the qualifying categories by July 31, 2009.*
$20 deposited to your Chase account.**"

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